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Our Mission
A journey to China out of sheer passion and love for tea lies at the heart of the creation of Mist Tea as it represents two young people's tea-experiences on the "Ilha Formosa" aka the beautiful island.
Mist Tea stands for superior quality and direct trade chinese tea. In close cooperation with local independent tea farmers, we select the best tea based on region and depending upon the season.
It is within the philosophy of MIST to keep the direct trade way of working in mind. We visit each farm to get to know the family behind it. They guide us through their fields, while we learn more about each tea and its specifications.

Our goal is to share our passion by guaranteeing exclusive, fresh and pure teas. Each one comes with a particular story and all are exceptional in taste.

chinese tea culture
Chinese mainland settled there and brought with them their skills and traditions to produce tea.
These influences of tradition and subsequent modernis…
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